Welcome to The Rock Garden!

The Rock Garden is named after the space in the basement of my house where friends occasionally gather and we play (usually rock, thus the name) music together. It's really a rather informal gathering, but we all have fun with it.

This is also the space where I work on music homework for my current degree of study, (Bachelor of Fine Arts in Electro-Acoustic Studies), including hours upon hours of ear-training work. I generally record my assignments in this space, and except for badly needing to be sound-proofed, it works very well as a recording space.

There's not much on this web page, but as time goes on, I'll have links to documentation and software packages I've written, as well as patches I've contributed to some of the better known software packages out there.

I have an online "photo scrapbook" with photos mostly taken by me while travelling across Canada, either while working as a guitar technician for The Watchmen (a Winnipeg born and bred rock band) or for a small engineering company I used to work for. Some were also taken in and around Montreal, after I'd moved here from Winnipeg. I hope folks enjoy these.

I intend to keep a fair number of "bookmark" style links here, mostly for my own use, though with some luck they'll also help others find information they're looking for.

I can start with some I've created myself, in my professional role:

If you're interested, have a look at my résumé.