STOLEN items: December 10, 2003

Stolen from my house on Wednesday December 10, 2003

The following items were stolen from my house in Pierrefonds, Québec. If anyone notices any of these items being sold, I would appreciate if you would take a moment to contact me.

[photo of red Larivée Voodoo] 1 Larrivée "Voodoo" electric guitar: Red, neck-thru-body, single humbucker in the bridge position; Kahler style bridge; Red leather guitar strap.
If I can find a record of the serial number, I'll definitely add that here.

This guitar is not very common (indeed Larrivée stopped producing solid-body electric guitars in about 1989, when they renewed their focus on what they're best known for: high quality acoustic guitars), and it pains me greatly to see an empty guitar stand where this guitar once resided.

[photo of camera lens] 1 Hanimex 80 mm - 200 mm telephoto/macro zoom lens;
f/4 - f/22;
focal length of 5 to 50 feet;
Pentax mount.
1 Lambskin rug; Rambouillet (brown)
approximately $100 worth of collected Canadian $1 and $0.25 coins. These are very likely not at all recoverable, as they're basically cash.